Visit cycling destination Girona

Discover why Girona is called the cycling paradise of Spain! Green landscapes, medieval villages and the beautiful Costa Brava. Every part of the province brings you in a completely different atmosphere. With our itineraries we give you a complete experience of Girona and its surroundings. Whether you go by road bike, mountain bike or very relaxed with a trekking bike, it is possible in Girona.

Girona is easily accessible

Girona, as the city is officially called in Catalan (or Gerona in Spanish), is a city of just over 90,000 inhabitants and is located in Catalonia about 100 kilometers north of Barcelona. You can get there directly from Girona airport 15 minutes from the center. You can also fly via Barcelona. There is a good connection that easily takes you to Girona station in less than an hour with one transfer. There is also a fast connection by train via France.

The city of Girona brings history to live

The city is recognizable by the river Onyar and the many hanging houses and bridges such as Pont de les Peixateries Velles designed by Gustave Eiffel. The old town center is located on the steep hill of Caputxins and exudes a medieval atmosphere with the small streets and steps of the Jewish Quarter, the city walls and the famous Girona Cathedral. It is not without reason that Girona is regularly the setting for films and series such as Games of Thrones. Since the mid-1990s, Girona has become the home base for many professional cyclists who can train well due to the excellent location, temperature and environment. You meet them in the morning at La Fábrica for a cup of coffee before training. Or simply on the road of one of the many beautiful routes.

Monnels is a great place for coffee or to refill your water bottle

Back to the Middle Ages in one of the villages

Near Girona you will find several beautiful villages. Like Pals right on the coast of the Costa Brava. Built on a hill, you can see the village from afar. And be sure to visit Besalu. It is one of the most beautiful villages in Catalonia. With its many narrow streets, the famous Romanesque bridge (from the 12th century!) and the medieval city gate, this magical place is a popular day trip. And do you want to refill your water bottle or sit down for lunch or coffee. Then feel free to drop off at Monells. The village is known for its arcades. The galleries with strong arches to the ground, which dominate the image everywhere in the streets and squares. And around the square you will find a few fine restaurants.

Nature​ full of challenges and tranquility

The mountains and hills in the region are a great place to test your legs or simply enjoy nature. For example, in 10 minutes from the center of Girona at the foot of Els Angels you are an excellent climb that gives you a beautiful view over the city. Head towards Olot on the Vía Verde del Carrilet to the volcanic landscape of Garrotxa. Or towards Sant Hilari Sacalm where you slowly climb higher and higher along a quietly rippling river and the shade of trees. And if you want a real challenge, choose the Rocacorba, Sant Marti Sacalm or the Mare de Déu del Mont where in clear weather you have a beautiful view of the Pyrinees. Whatever you choose, there is a route for every level.

The coastal road along the costa brava

One of the routes that should not be missed is the one along the coastal road of the Costa Brava. Head north towards Tossa de Mar on a nicely sloping road with the sea continuously on your right. Turn to St. Grau towards Castell de Montagut or cycle to Sant Feliu de Guíxols for a stop at the beach. You can go via Begur, L’Escala and Roses to the border with France.

Art and culture in Barcelona and Figueres

If you don’t want to cycle for a day and enjoy art and culture, take the train to Figueres or Barcelona. Figueres is known for the Dali museum. One grand surrealistic object and located in a former theater full of works by Salvador Dalí. And in Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, you can marvel at the Sagrada Família designed by Antoni Gaudí or wander the shops on the Ramblas.

Wander the alleys and streets of medieval Girona